10 Painless Ways to Make Your Home Environmentally Friendly

10 Painless Ways to Make Your Home Environmentally Friendly

1. Conserve water by turning off the sink when you do the dishes or brush your teeth. In addition, do not overuse the toilet by flushing more than what is necessary.
2. Save on your electric bill by turning off lights when you leave the room.
3. Utilize energy efficient electric power cords in order to disconnect electronic devices at night or when you leave the house.
4. Scale back the use of your car. In fact, if you can Continue reading 10 Painless Ways to Make Your Home Environmentally Friendly »

5 Ways to Teach Your Kids Environmental Conservation

Environmental Activities

Teaching children how to care for the environment is vital for the planets future. Interesting conservation projects include protecting habitats, plants and wildlife. In addition, learning ways to prevent pollution of the air, soil and water are also extremely important.

Lesson One: View Loss of Animal Habitat

Get children outdoors on a trip to a zoo or wildlife refuge center. The children will photograph animals to share with others in a scrapbook.

Lesson Two: Continue reading 5 Ways to Teach Your Kids Environmental Conservation »

5 Ways to Green Your Home and Save Money

Practicing green energy habits at home is a great way to both save money and help preserve the environment. To spend less on Texas Electricity Companies, consider these five practices:

Use Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Standard incandescent bulbs use more energy to operate and wear out much quicker than LED bulbs. While the initial cost of an LED bulb is more, an average single LED bulb can save a consumer six dollars per year in energy costs and 40 over the life of the bulb.

Use a Low-Flow Shower Head

Baths take up a lot of water, and using a water-saving low-flow shower head saves up to five gallons of water for a shower compared to a bath. They also save up to 145 per year in electricity costs. While a warm bath may be relaxing, a quick shower gets a person just as clean and helps conserve water.

Make Sure there is Plenty of Insulation

A well-insulated house loses less warm air in the winter and holds in cool air during the summer. The attic is probably most commonly thought of when contemplating insulation, but open spaces in windows and doors also cause higher energy bills. Adding insulation is a simple task that homeowners can perform themselves.

Use Rechargeable Electric Lawn Equipment

Gas mowers and trimmers are big air polluters, so getting a rechargeable mower and other lawn equipment will help keep the air cleaner and save on the cost of fuel. They are also quieter, helping to preserve hearing and making neighborhoods more peaceful.

Keep the Refrigerator Away from Heat

In many kitchens, the refrigerator ends up sitting right next to the oven. This makes the refrigerator work extra hard whenever the oven gets warm. Try to find a spot away from the oven, dishwasher, or any heat-producing appliance to keep the refrigerator from burning precious energy.

A few simple changes can go a long way to keeping the environment from suffering. Every little bit helps, so take care to save as much energy and water as possible.

The Price of Oil on Our Environment

When people talk about the cost of oil they tend to talk about what its cost is in dollars, as opposed to what it costs in the strain it places on the environment. Between the drilling and the pumping, the spilling and the building, there is a lot of stress on the surrounding area when men dig down deep to try and reach that black gold.

First of all theres the drilling. Just like mining, running Continue reading The Price of Oil on Our Environment »

Sustainable Living: A Guide to Growing Your Own Food

When embarking on a quest to grow your own food, there are several factors that should be considered. First of all, it is important that first-time home farmers select plants that grow well in a particular climate. Another factor is your familys specific likes and dislikes. For example, your family may enjoy hot peppers, which are expensive to purchase, but peppers require hot weather, so they are not well suited to cooler climates. Raspberries are a good choice for home gardening, as they produce fruit throughout the summer. They Continue reading Sustainable Living: A Guide to Growing Your Own Food »

5 Reasons Your Family Should Live Sustainably Now

Sustainable living can save a lot of money and families can live a healthier lifestyle. They should know the difference between sustainable and green. Sustainable living can reduce waste and the process can be repeated without harming anybody. Hybrid cars and solar power are examples of green technology. Riding a bicycle or reducing the use of solar power is what is called being sustainable. The number one problem people are facing is that of gasoline usage and emissions. Oil is a Continue reading 5 Reasons Your Family Should Live Sustainably Now »

A Quick Guide to Getting Started with Solar Energy

There are many amazing benefits to fitting your house with the equipment to run a solar power system. Not only is it a great green energy alternative, but it will also save you money in the long run on your power costs. There are a few things to keep in mind however, before you begin your solar adventure.

Some geographical locations are better for harnessing solar power that others. If you live in a climate with limited sun you should talk to a solar expert about whether the cost of a solar installation would be worth it in your Continue reading A Quick Guide to Getting Started with Solar Energy »

How to Generate Your Own Energy with Wind Turbines

Wind Turbines have been an efficient and environmentally friendly way to produce energy for a long time now. Many families and home owners are switching to wind turbines in order to save money on electricity, and become more eco-friendly. There are various types of wind turbines that can produce energy more efficiently, such as a windmill type and a savonius type. The savonius wind turbine is designed to be able to capture more air and reach a Continue reading How to Generate Your Own Energy with Wind Turbines »